Clara Shipp

Occupation: Personal Trainer
Program Length: 16 Weeks

“I went to Don seeking help four months after my first bikini competition. I was going through a tough time. My first prep was very restricted, extreme and damaging to my body and mind. After my show I was terrified of carbs, still doing a lot of cardio and was developing a poor relationship with food. I had heard from many that Don practiced Flexible Dieting and counting macros and knew he was the person to go to for coaching.

When I decided to compete again, Don supported and encouraged me every step of the way. He went above and beyond to ensure that I was doing well. The daily check-ins, words of encouragement and unwavering support was incredible. I placed Second in my class and I’m now a Nationally Qualified BCABBA Bikini Competitor – something that would have never been possible without Don. I can honestly say that without Don I would have never competed again, nor would I be where I am today in regard to fitness and nutrition. He completely shifted my mindset and gave me the tools and knowledge needed to fuel my body for performance. I learned how to work smarter, not harder. Don was there for me 24/7. He answered every question I asked in a professional and kind way and thoroughly explained his reasoning for every change regarding my nutrition.

It is also worth noting that Don drove down to Vancouver to support me at my show… above and beyond! Not only did I successfully compete again, I did it in a healthy, non-extremist way. I did not starve myself, nor do hours of cardio. If that isn’t a success, I don’t know what is. Don also continued to check-in and support me after my show, which is so extremely important. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for what Don has done for me, not only as a coach, but as a friend. For anyone considering hiring Don, my only word of advice is, ‘DO IT.’ You will not regret it and you will learn invaluable lessons regarding training and nutrition that will give you the freedom to enjoy your life. Don encompasses the meaning of an amazing coach. He is kind, empathetic, welcoming, knowledgeable and a positive role model within the fitness industry.”

Cody Hillhouse
Occupation: RCMP Officer
Program Length: 2 x 14 Weeks

“When I wanted to lose some body-fat and prepare for my first bodybuilding show, I contacted Don after hearing numerous great things about his approach with clients.

Right from the beginning, I knew I made the right decision by how accommodating, caring and available he was for me. He would check-in daily just to see how I was feeling. Most coaches only communicate with their clients if they reached out to their coach. 

I completed two natural bodybuilding shows with Don and in my most recent show, I finished in Second Place. I got down to a body-fat level that I didn’t know was possible. The preps were easy and he made so many accommodations for me. I know that he actually cares for his clients. I felt that we were on my fitness journey together and that really helped push me through the process. Previously, I was with a coach who didn’t even know my first name and was more concerned about how many clients she could get. On the other hand, Don only takes on a select few at a time to ensure that each client is provided a high quality service. I would say it would be a mistake to choose someone else as a coach. The truth is in the pudding. Every single one of Don’s clients are over the moon with their results and immensely impressed with his training and nutrition programs. I gained a great friend through the process that helped me grow not only as a fitness competitor, but as a person.”

Jordyn Kreller

Occupation: Personal Trainer
Program Length: 2 Weeks

“I reached out to Don after the coach I had for my previous contest prep, took an approach that resulted in me becoming very obsessed over certain foods; seeing foods as good and bad and using tools that went against my personal fitness philosophy that I apply to myself and to my clients. I do not endorse meal plans as I feel they can make an individual become very restrictive in their ways towards eating, even during contest prep. I understand that prep is a more regimented approach to daily life, however, I believe one can still enjoy certain foods, have variety and build a healthier mindset around nutrition and workouts all together.

Firstly, Don and I are good friends and after having lengthy chats with him about his approach to prep and overall living a healthy lifestyle, I was hooked right off the bat. He doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect of prep, but takes into account the mentality that is required. He focuses on adherence to the plan, rather than the specific outcome on stage. Second, he took a Flexible Dieting approach that allowed me to have more variety in my diet and helped me build a healthier mindset around nutrition and training. Even though we only chatted through Instagram and text, I could feel his energy through each message he sent. He not only cared about the process of prep, but cared about my well-being. If something did not work, he made sure it was adjusted in a way that was comfortable for me. When I had my first check-in with him, he replied instantly and assessed all aspects of the check-in: physical, mental, posing, current nutrition and training, then made adjustments.

Together, Don helped take my body to a level that I had no idea I could achieve. We proved all the haters and opinionaters wrong by following the plan! In the beginning, I feared his approach to my macro intake since we had such as short timespan together (peak week is when I approached him). The judges feedback from my previous competition (which was a week beforehand) was to come in fuller. So that is exactly what we did. I have never eaten this much food! Don knew from the start that I should have had more food! I trusted him and I came in leaner, tighter, fuller and happier with myself. I realized that I could maintain a flexible diet during prep and even through peak week! He created a peak week plan for me that was customized to my body within a short time span. Even though we only worked together for that one week, it was if he coached me for years and knew exactly what my body needed during this critical time! I ended up winning First Place at the 2017 BC Cup in Bikini Class C, as well as the Overall trophy in Bikini, qualifying me for Nationals 2018.

I like that we take a similar approach to nutrition (flexible dieting) and training. I also really liked how Don was very accommodating to any of my questions and was very quick to reply! Trust him! I only had a couple of days to decide if I wanted to change coaches coming into provincials. After seeing how well Don has done within the fitness industry and after chatting with him about prep and his approach, it all came down to me trusting him. That can be the hardest thing for an athlete, especially on a short time frame, but the more trust you have in your coach, the better your mindset to prep will be, and that is what I had from the start with Don.”

Kris Mattice

Occupation: Truck Driver
Program Length: 14 Weeks

“I reached out to Don to coach me through my second bodybuilding competition after hearing from various friends that he was the guru of Flexible Dieting. The coach I used for my first show was very old school and stuck to the basics, not utilizing new science. I was very curious about Flexible Dieting and ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ (IIFYM) for a long time, but had no idea where to start.

Working with Don has literally changed my life! I used to struggle trying to lose weight, often becoming very irritable around the ones I love. I needed to find a happy medium and I did! I’m happy to say that not only did I enjoy working with Don to lose body-fat and weight, but I’ve actually managed to keep it off while enjoying all of my favourite foods. Don taught me how to track my macros, an approach that I used for my contest prep and also what I now use daily.

Don was very diligent, always contacting me and asking how I was doing, asking for progress photos and changing my plan depending on how my body was responding. He is super knowledgeable with anything fitness related, but my favourite part of working with Don is that although I didn’t know him before he started coaching me, I now consider him a good friend.”

Maria Maywood
Occupation: Personal Trainer + Business Owner
Program Length: 8 Weeks

“During my contest prep for my second show, I had a coach that was very extreme by cutting my calories way too early and telling me to do endless amounts of cardio with a cookie cutter plan. My body was in pain and I was never going to make it to the end without burning out and/or undergoing metabolic damage. I talked to Don about my prep and he wanted to help me do it a safer healthier way, so I switched coaches half-way through my prep and let Don lead the way.

I am so happy that I made the decision to switch coaches. My prep with Don was way more enjoyable with Flexible Dieting and smarter training. My moods swings were in-check and I was way more enjoyable to be around. Prep is tough either way, but Don customized my nutrition program for me making it easy to follow and I still got to enjoy the foods I like to eat.

I would recommend Don to anyone competing or needing some help reaching their goals. His positive attitude and regular check-ins let me know he really cared and wanted what was best for me.”

Behn Stevens

Occupation: Electrician + Business Owner
Program Length: 8 Weeks

“I’ve lost almost 15 lbs. and slimmed down from a 34″ pant size to 30″. All while making huge strength gains. Amazing transformation in only 8 weeks. I would highly recommend Don’s approach and DIYBODY. to anybody. Thank you for all you’ve done for me Don.”

Colt Ketlo

Occupation: Truck Driver
Program Length: 6 Weeks

“There are many reasons why I chose to work with Don for my second competition. First of all, he has competed in multiple shows and is extremely knowledgeable in the fitness field. From creating nutrition and training programs to posing, attire, mindset, the list goes on. Second, I was having an extremely tough time finding someone able to create a vegetarian nutrition program for me. Don decided to take me on with open arms and the results were amazing! He incorporated a Flexible Dieting approach and with my limited supply of protein sources, he made it unbelievably easy! I always felt full, lots of energy and had amazing workouts based on the food he was allowing me to consume.

The most satisfying part of the experience was how flexible he was with my tough schedule. He was more than happy to work around my hours to fit posing practices in with him and also the text support was amazing. Anytime I had a question or even if I wanted to incorporated something else into my diet, he asked me questions and made it happen. This is no generic diet plan by any means. He takes his time to customize it specifically and tailors the program according to your body and your goals. I would work with Don in a heartbeat again and would recommend him to anybody I know and already have. Super friendly fast amazing professional customer service, if you would call it that! He was more than a coach to me and became a friend of mine along the way. My man! Thank you for everything!”

Mitch Kenward

Occupation: Labourer
Program Length: 8 Weeks

“I came to Don because he had competed before and got First Place at the Western Canadians, the show I wanted to compete in. Don was one of the leanest guys in the gym and I knew if we worked together, I would have great results. When working with him I learned so much about dieting, how certain foods affected my body and how sensitive my body is so close to show time.

Don got me into the best shape of my life and the leanest I’ve ever been. I was super happy with the results. Placing fourth in my first physique show was awesome and if someone was on the fence about joining the team, I would let them know working with you was life changing. He took my training and diet to the next level and really pushed me to achieve a body I never thought was possible and was there every step of the way supporting me.”

Anthoni Shepherd

Occupation: Manager
Program Length: 16+ Weeks

“I wanted to lose fat and get cut for my wedding. I knew Don was the person who I wanted to work with because he was in great shape and has a lot of knowledge of nutrition and working out. I started cutting in October, my deadline was April. With Don’s advice and coaching I was where I needed to be by December. I lost 20 lbs. in that time and still kept muscle mass. Don is very motivated and that kept me motivated. He was always checking up on me and was very strict with my eating habits. I feel that’s what I needed for myself to have been able to do what I did. If you are on the fence about working with Don just ask him to lift his shirt, he will get you where you want to be or need to be.”

Robert Bailey

Occupation: Truck Driver
Program Length: 4 Weeks

“The most uncomfortable and awkward challenge in many peoples lives, begins and ends with their physique, eating habits and overall health. I can confidently speak for myself and many others when I say, bringing up these issues with other people is difficult. More so it becomes hard not to go on the offensive as soon as you are questioned about these areas of your life. In conclusion, when it comes to letting someone in to help you navigate these treacherous waters, you want to know you made the right choice. Don truly is the right choice.

I had one goal in mind. That was to better myself physically and mentally. I knew the way to do this was through exercise, good nutrition and a lot of discipline. My goal was simple, but I didn’t have the tools necessary to get there. That’s where Don came in. There are a lot of “trainers” on the market these days. The sea is saturated with fishermen and sticking with the sea metaphor, everyone has the flashy boats, gear and of course the license to claim expert status. Just because someone is a trainer, doesn’t mean they know how to help you reach your goal(s). Don is one of the few who does.

Within moments, of reaching out to Don, I knew I had made the right choice. We had a long honest conversation about where I wanted to get to and how I was realistically going to get there without demanding drastic change in my life. Being a long-haul truck driver living out of a truck, I had given Don a serious challenge. He stepped up and provided me with a very doable and healthy alternative from my usual diet and exercise. Once the plan was administered, the real groundwork had to be done and that’s where I found him to be the most valuable. Don’s services became invaluable when his commitment to keep me on track surpassed even my own motivated desires.

Goals were reached and surpassed within a month of my first email to him. His plan worked efficiently and effectively for me from day one. Within two months, I looked and felt better then I ever thought possible at that point, and Don’s motivation for me to continue still didn’t wither. He ingrained an importance to health in me, that I will keep with me my whole life. That is a priceless tool that I have been most fortunate to have found, that never would have been possible without his help. To this day, I’ve adapted many of the techniques and tricks in my daily living that he helped me learn. It was a game changer, it was really a life changer. I grant myself a considerable amount of credit for achieving who I’ve become, but Don was a huge asset to have on my side.

To anyone thinking about making a change in their life, I could think of no one else more qualified and willing to help you then he is. I know he will do everything in his power to see you succeed in your goals and most importantly he will do it in a friendly and respectful fashion. Don Lam is a rare human being. He’s one of those people in life who stands out for their positive and motivating vibes. Always willing to encourage. Always willing to help.”

Logan Giesbrectch
Occupation: Registered Nurse
Program Length: 8 Weeks

“I would often see Don and his buddy training early in the morning at Gold’s Gym before I would go to work at the hospital (always respect someone who is grinding it out 5AM). Don who is all smiles, muscles and nice things to say, I thought to myself, “Man, he’s doing something right.” Fast forward a couple weeks and a friend of mine who won First Place in her last competition began working with Don and was so pleased with how flexible her diet was and how her hunger was properly managed. I have no intention of competing, but I want to maintain a lean, well-proportioned, hard body year-round. I chose Don to coach me because he has the physique I want and because of the unintentional and candid review I received from a fellow gym-goer.

I reached out to Don to inquire about his coaching services and he responded immediately with a list of questions that when answered, really gave him a global picture of what my goals are and what I want out of his coaching. Don not only came to understand what my goals were, but also investigated as to the most appropriate ways to reach them. For example, it is important to Don to know what kind of cardio I like to do, which equipment in the gym is my favourite, what foods do enjoy and dislike. By Don engineering a nutrition and training program around my preferences, I am following a plan that is both enjoyable and sustainable.

My concerns before I started working with Don were as follows:

1. His work outs would kill me in the gym.
2. I would be starved or unsatisfied with my diet.

However, the time I am spending in the gym is very comparable to the time I spent previous to working with Don. The biggest change I have noticed is how structured my routines are. My workouts have a definite flow and it did not take long for me to appreciate the order and sequence of exercises in my program. Muscle groups are warmed up, targeted and my pumps are unprecedented. For many of my exercises, I have reduced the actual weight I lift in favour of proper form and Don’s prescribed tempo. Once I began working with Don, I realized immediately that I am rarely hungry, re-feed days are a delight and I have way more energy both in and outside of the gym.

I have been working with Don for the last six weeks and I’m so stoked with my progress. I have lost seven pounds and looking much leaner. I think Don is more pumped on how far I have come than I am sometimes. His energy, knowledge and availability is sure to stir the winds of change in your fitness journey.”

Stephen Dahl

Occupation: Logistics Coordinator
Program Length: 16+ Weeks

“Throughout my life, I was always the skinny guy in the room. Although I was never picked on for it, the way people would describe me to others or count me out of physical tasks ignited a fire within me and I was determined to prove them wrong. I had worked out for years, experimented with all types of supplements, but I could never quite make a significant difference on my own. After a period of weight loss, I wanted to take my fitness to the next level. This is when a friend told me about Don. His Flexible Dieting approach and the physique he puts forth proves he’s not all talk had me sold instantly.

Within weeks of starting the program Don customized for me, multiple people started asking if I’d been working out. I felt healthier, my body was more solid, new veins were popping out daily and every week I could lift heavier weight. All this, while not feeling overly restricted with the variety of my food. Don not only gives you a program, but mentors you and legitimately cares about his clients. I’ve found a passion for fitness I never knew I had. Thanks Don, I look forward to continuing to train with you.”

Scott Kochan

Occupation: Process Operator
Program Length: 14 Weeks

I placed 3rd at my first natural show! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience yesterday at the Vancity Showdown!! Qualified for two Natural Pro Qualifiers in 2019!! All I can say is Don And DIYBODY. are body engineering masterminds!! I never thought my body could look like this NATURALLY!!!!! Was so glad to finally meet him in person and let me tell you he is an absolute beauty!! We put this body that I have in the best possible condition that it could be and I’m very very proud!!

Greg Beck

Occupation: Heavy Duty Mechanic
Program Length: 16+ Weeks

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation. Don from DIYBODY. is the guy to do it. Couldn’t ask for a better coach.

Ceejay Stark

Occupation: Hairstylist
Program Length: 12 Weeks

I lost 12.8 pounds and an insane 28.25 inches!! 6.75 of those inches from my navel alone!! I’m super happy with my progress and am looking forward to see what I can do in the next 7 weeks until Mexico!! If your looking to set new goals in the new year, get ahold of Don at DIYBODY. He made me the perfect program to fit my lifestyle!

Colin Girard

Occupation: Maintenance Supervisor
Program Length: 2 x 14 Weeks

“I’ve had a really good experience working with DIYBODY. Don is very approachable and professional. He was willing to work with whatever preferences in food and eating times I had as well as being really supportive. He helped me stay accountable if I was getting off track and I could always get in touch if I had questions throughout the process. Definitely recommend!!”

Jessica Velarde

Program Length: 16+ Weeks

“A friend recommended reaching out to Don and I’m very happy I did. Even though I had been working out for years and thought I was eating healthy, I had put on weight and was never able to loose it and couldn’t understand why. I started working with Don and within the first week I started losing weight, something I couldn’t accomplish on my own for the longest time. He taught me how to eat balanced meals and was always available when I had questions. 
The weight started coming off every week and at the same time I found my strength and energy levels increasing. I have lost overall 19 pounds and couldn’t be happier with the results.

I would recommend with no doubt reaching out to Don if you need help losing weight and fitness advice. You won’t regret it, he’s your guy!”

Melanie Lovsin

Program Length: 12 Weeks

“My fiancé and I reached out to Don to help kick start our weight loss and healthy lifestyle. The plans we received from DIYBODY. were detailed and realistic and he was always available for all of our questions. His program worked fantastically for my fiancé and I as we both began to see the weight loss we were hoping for. The weekly check ins kept us accountable and were encouraging. We are now more knowledgeable and aware of our diet and exercise. I definitely recommend DIYBODY. for anyone looking for help with their fitness goals. Thanks again Don!”

Nicole Stamer

Occupation: Forestry Worker
Program Length: 12 Weeks

“I’ve never been the skinny girl, but I’d always wanted to be. I would restrict my diet, then binge on everything and anything. I always had a strong body, but the weight kept packing on, especially while starting out on my own going to University away from home. I joined CrossFit in 2013 and fell in love with weight training immediately! I was beginning to understand training and nutrition and how both impact your physique, but more importantly, your mental state. Nothing compares to the empowering feeling of lifting heavy weight! So in July 2017 I obtained my Level 1 CrossFit Certificate and continued to learn as much as I could about how to become more fit.

Fast forward to November 2017, after some pretty difficult life changes, I was not happy with the person I saw in the mirror. I’d been following Don on social media for quite awhile and finally made the decision to reach out to him. I am forever grateful I did! Don has been incredibly supportive, understanding, motivating, and just overall humble to work with. From the weekly check-ins to the words of wisdom, I could not have picked a better coach/mentor to help guide me on this journey. He gave me the push I needed to finally become happy with my body from the inside out.

My goal was no longer to “get skinny,” it was simply to become more fit than yesterday. My focus has completely shifted to becoming the strongest athlete mentally and physically I can possibly be. My physique has changed dramatically as a result of weighing and measuring macros, all while still enjoying the treats I love! If you have even the slightest desire to make a change, I highly recommend hiring Don, as I can’t imagine getting to where I am today without him. “You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in-progress.” Thank you Don!!”

Ann Marie Hak

Occupation: Writer
Program Length: 16 Weeks

“Working with Zac and Don has been literally life-changing. I can’t believe that at week 12 I’ve lost 23 lbs. Zac keeps motivating me week after week to keep striving for better. I’m just amazed at how much confidence he has in me and the goals that I can achieve. His support and education have reprogrammed my way of thinking about nutrition and what is possible for my body. Thank you DIYBODY.”

Pawlo Marcynuik

Occupation: Partsman
Program Length: 16+ Weeks

“I believe very much in the word “choice.” We all have choices in life that will change us for the good or bad, but remember these are your choices and no one else’s. Over four and a half years ago I made a choice to reach over 330 lbs. The worst weight I’ve ever seen and became very depressed with myself. My wife told me at that time I was killing myself. I would run out of energy after one flight of stairs and during my sleep she didn’t know if it would be my last breath or not. I made the choice to change my life and started going back to the gym and eating better.
In 2014 I met Don for the first time. He was training for a competition and was looking amazing. I told him I wanted to do a show when I hit 45 (thinking 45 was the Master Class, it was 40). I don’t know if Don thought it was just lip service at that time or an old man trying to relive his youth or just pure BS.

At the end of 2016, I had a group of people that I talked to and we were all going to do the Popeye’s Classic the following year. At that point I was 80% committed to this goal as I was still 320 lbs., but very strong and loving the gym. From December to July I worked out hard, ate better and did some cardio (but not really, I hate cardio) and I was able to get my weight down to the 260 lbs. mark. These pounds were super easy, why? Because I was not in shape. I changed my lifestyle a bit, but not enough.

So in July I had become 110% committed to doing the Popeye’s show. Looking at myself in the mirror, this was not going to be easy. At this point, I knew I needed a coach. I did my homework, talked to others that have competed and two people really inspired me more than any others with their journeys and to make things better, they always seemed happy during their preps. Clara Shipp and Kris Mattice both used Don Lam and I was amazed at watching both of them grow in competition and as people.

Don and I met in July to talk about using him as a coach. During the first meeting, he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. He talked to me about my goals and things I enjoyed. He asked me what I liked to eat (Ben & Jerry’s never got approved) and what works with my schedule. Right from there, I knew I had the right person for me. I asked him when we could start, his answer was now. He had a nutrition, training and cardio program ready for me the very next day. The nutrition program was so cool, easy to follow and I enjoyed everything on it.

Don asked me for weekly pictures and to contact him day or night with any questions. He started to contact me more often because I was not much of a texter, over time I started texting back more. After pictures each week we made tweaks to my nutrition and training. During this time I got open and honest comments about me progress. A couple times where I was disappointed with my results, Don let me know we were right on track.

So let’s fast forward a ways. Cardio was on point, food on point and workouts on point. All with now daily texts from me to Don about anything I wanted to know. People at the gym were noticing my improvements and my wife was very happy to have a thinner in-shape husband. I felt the best I have in years. Being less than a couple of weeks out from the show I started getting a little nervous. Should I change my cardio? Workout more? Do I need to change my food? I was questioning deep down if Don was doing enough. He kept reassuring me I’m 100% where I need to be. At this point, you need to trust the process and I did. The day of my show came up and I was talking to Don ever minute I could. I did the morning show and felt great. Still kept in contact with Don right up to the night show. I trusted the process to the very end and got the results I wanted. 

Don asked me to answer some questions for him. I’m not going too. Instead I’m going to tell you a few things. I’m 45 and decided to do a show. I needed an “A Team” to help me along my journey. My wife was their every step of the way, she’s a warrior. Don is just not a coach, Don is a good person, a mentor and a friend. He believed in me from day one. He worked in finding the best route for me. Don did not give me a cookie cutter workout or meal plan. Don did not tell me just what I wanted to hear, he gave me honest feedback at all times. Don made me feel he was there for me and yes he was every step of the way.

He did have one question I would like to answer. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with me or not, what would you say to them? Look at the results, they are not a fluke. Did I put in the work, yes. Could I have done this on my own? Not a chance in hell. We all need someone to help us along our journeys. If your journey is to fit into a smaller dress or hit the stage, we all need some guidance and Don has been that person for me.

Thank you Don, I’m happy with my “choice” of using you for my journey.”

Sham Rehman

Occupation: Park Ranger
Program Length: 14 Weeks

Knew Don for a quite the time, always admired his work and finally had a chance to work with him. This dude is full of knowledge and very experienced. Knew exactly what to do in every circumstances, highly recommend and results are 100%.

Beau Reeve
Occupation: Heavy Duty Mechanic
Program Length: 12 Weeks

“My fiancée recommended that I seek the help of Don after seeing how much he has accomplished for himself. The progress he has made himself gave me confidence in asking for his help in order to reach my goal of losing weight, getting in better shape and eating healthier. Immediately after we began working together, I noticed that my energy level improved and my body was changing. The weight was coming off and I increased my strength in the gym. One of the biggest takeaways from working with Don is that I learned how to eat healthy by eating the right amount of food, which was aligned with my goals and proper work out routines. I am really happy with the outcome that my body has made since working with Don and I would highly recommend anyone to come seek his help if they are looking for health and fitness advice.”

Grace Wong

Occupation: Accountant
Program Length: 8 Weeks

Professional, knowledgeable, personable. Don is excellent at what he does best. He helped me get comfortable in a traditional gym setting – something that daunted me for years.

Machyla Carter

Ashley Michel

Amanda Armstrong

Carly Coyle

Melissa Arkinstall

Karlee Poeschek

Shannon Maslyk
Occupation: Manager
Program Length: 16 Weeks

“A huge THANK YOU to DIYBODY. and my Coach Zac Bruce! There are no words to express how fabulous this journey has been for me… I have been working out for 20 years off and on and have never seen results like I have seen in 16 weeks with Zac. I am so happy with the results that I signed up for another 16 weeks with Zac and this time I am going to do some 1-to-1 personal training! I cannot wait to see the results of round two!!!! DIYBODY. and ZAC BRUCE you ROCK!!!!!”