Set your phone up on a chair about waist height and open your camera app using the front-facing camera. Set a self-timer for 10s to allow yourself enough time to get into position.

1. Show Your Shape

We need to be able to see your shape. It’s impossible to do this if you’re wearing a baggy shirt or shorts. Form-fitting activewear/swimwear is best. Your stomach area should be visible, as this is a great indicator of weight loss and/or muscle gain.

*Your photos are confidential and will not be shared with anyone.*

2. Stand in Natural Light

Try to take your photo in natural daylight. If that isn’t possible, ensure that your room is well lit and there is as much light as possible.

3. Shoot from Three Angles

To understand the full scope of how your body is changing, it’s important to capture your front, side, and back. For consistency, shoot the same side every time.

4. Maintain Good Posture

Stand up straight, with your shoulders back and down and arms at your sides. Flex your core/abs if you can.

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